5 Signs that show your hair needs a Spa

5 Signs that show your hair needs a Spa - Wellnessta

There was a time when the weekend oil sessions used to suffice in taking care of your hair. However, with the climate worsening and schedules becoming way tighter, those sessions have lost their healing effects!

Now, a simple shampoo with conditioner does not do its magic. You can get rid of multiple hair problems with a simple treatment – Hair Spa. So, in this article, we’re going to take a look at the signs that let you know that it is time to book a spa today!

  1. Dry and Brittle Hair

Pollution, insufficient care, improper diet, and many other factors cause dryness of the scalp, leading to the deterioration of hair quality. Dry and brittle hair strands break easily, even without brushing.

When you start noticing dryness in your scalp, it’s time to get yourself a hair spa. A steam treatment works wonders in that case.

  1. Recurring Dandruff

One of the worst nightmares for all the women out there is recurring dandruff! It appears, again and again, no matter what treatment you try. Getting a regular spa treatment can help you get over this problem.

What makes it such an effective anti-dandruff treatment is that, with regular sessions, hair spa treatments remove pollution and toxins, as well as maintain the scalp’s oil balance. Hair spa treatments aim at balancing the pH levels of your scalp. This is important to promote healthy hair and maintain a healthy scalp. The ingredients used fight dandruff and dandruff-causing microbes as well.

  1. Chemically Treated Hair

Let’s say you felt brave enough and went through with your decision of coloring your hair. Hair that is color-treated requires treatments more often and delaying it can make matters worse. Chemically treated hair is more susceptible to damage and requires a protein treatment to regain its texture and shine.

Sometimes, you spray your hair with setting chemicals in order to give it a style. It can also become a root cause of damage if left unattended. Thus, we recommend you to get a spa after your hair has been exposed to any kind of chemical.

  1. Unmanageable and Difficult to Style

Ladies crave for long hair but then back out with the thoughts of managing and styling them. If you have trouble styling your hair on your own, it’s a tell-tale sign that your hair is unmanageable and requires urgent attention.

If you’ve stopped getting the look you had on the day you got your hair styled, it’s probably because your hair has succumbed to the pollution. This often makes your hair frizzy, rough, and all in all, a mess to manage! If you’re facing this problem, a keratin spa is a solution for you!

  1. Excessive Hair Loss and Scalp Problems

While shedding hair is a natural process, excessive hair loss should be taken seriously. It is a sign that your roots lack nourishment and fail to grow once they break. The massages help enhance blood flow to your scalp. This brings nutrients to the follicles that make them firmer and stronger. It can eventually result in voluminous hair as well.

Cleansing your scalp is as necessary as the rest of your skin. Clogged pores can contribute to a host of hair issues. Getting a hair spa done enhances blood circulation by unclogging those pores. So, a spa treatment can help you get rid of multiple scalp-related problems.


Apart from having amazing effects on your hair, a spa treatment is also an amazing way of relieving stress. The health benefits of going to a spa are both physical and mental. Many spas even offer meditation, yoga, and Pilates. Each of these various therapy options helps your body to relax and release built-up stress and tension.

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