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How often do you take time out to rejuvenate your body and mind? Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast or an indoor person, the best way to pamper yourself is to visit a spa, where you can either indulge in a relaxing treatment or learn new ways to keep your body fit and healthy. Let’s look at some of the spa trends that will hit the scene in Mumbai by 2022. If this sounds like something you’d like to try, then don’t delay – go ahead and book yourself into a spa today!

1) Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a hot trend right now, and we can expect it to continue as more research supports its efficacy. Those not familiar with red light therapy involve exposing their skin to high doses of red light (typically from an LED lamp) for a specified period. Red light penetrates much deeper into our skin than any other type of UV ray. Its ability to promote collagen production and reduce inflammation makes it perfect for fighting wrinkles.

2) Hair Scalp Conditioning And Massage

Today’s spa offers so much more than just a relaxing massage. Expect hair conditioning treatments, scalp conditioning, and even full-on head massages! As people realize that their scalp health is directly related to how healthy their hair looks, expect to see more of these kinds of services at your favorite spas around town in the coming year. They may even start popping up at some salons as well.

3) Bathing In Nature

According to Ayurvedic principles, certain elements of nature are considered tasteful and can be used to improve health or treat specific conditions. For example, cold air is deemed to be tasteful because it cools your body temperature down. Warm air, on the other hand, heats you up. By combining these two things—warm air and pleasant-smelling oils—you’ll create a bathing experience that promotes sweating out toxins while you relax your body at a spa in Mumbai in 2022.

4) Precious Metals Spa

Expensive metals and stones such as platinum, gold, and silver will be used more and more in a spa treatment. It is thought that precious metals can help boost metabolism and create an anti-aging effect on the skin. The temperature of precious metals may be adjusted during sessions depending on what metal is being used, creating a sensation like never before! Make sure you get yourself acquainted with all three precious metals if you want to get ahead of the curve!

5) Digital Detox

The traditional spa is a quaint idea that’s quickly going extinct. It’s being replaced by Internet-free, technology-free spas that offer more holistic services and solutions. As people look for wellness solutions that allow them to disconnect from their daily routines, we predict more customers will be attracted to these types of resorts. In five years, we expect most spas will be 100% digital detox retreats.


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