Short Hair Guide

Cut the hassle of long hair and style them with this short hair guide!


Let’s accept it, our hair looked the best when our moms took care of our oil routine during school time. Didn’t we all hate our dripping hair? Well, see how we miss that kind of quality now!

The only way to reverse these turned tables is to allow our mums to take over the hair care department but honestly, do we have time for that? With meetings piled up for the entire week, having a strict hair-care routine is seemingly impossible.

Plus, it’s going to be winter soon, so, a frequent hair wash? No thanks!

Definitely, the compliments for your long hair do make you feel like Rapunzel but this winter, why not be Princess Diana instead?

So, here is a guide for some trending short hairstyles and a few colors that pair flawlessly with them:




  1. Bob cut with rounded edges

If you are skeptical of getting your hair extremely short, then a bob cut is what draws a line to give you the feel of, ‘okay it will grow back soon’. The rounded edges will give you an extra texture of smoothness which you can pull off with any dress.

Once you get comfortable with your cut, it’ll be time for you to spice it up with a cranberry hair color to keep the look edgy and fun.

  1. Short shag with bangs

There’s a reason the shag haircut re-emerges every few years- it’s versatile, easy and it looks very cool and funky! This season, bring back the coolness from the 80s and embrace this textured hairstyle.

The best part is that you need not worry about making this haircut too perfect. A messy texture created with a salt-infused hair styling spray is the perfect finish for a rock ‘n roll vibe. Blue, Burgandy, or Brown would pair great with this haircut.

  1. Wavy, Angled bob

This year’s hottest trend is a variation of the bob cut which gives it an angle to look wavier. When creating waves, alternate the direction of each section, backward and forward, but be sure the front sections are directed away from the face.

Blonde or brown highlights add more style to this cut and it fits the party as well as workplace vibe.

  1. Blunt bob

The most versatile look on this list has to be the blunt bob. You can pull of a classy elegant look and also change it to a chic café look just by virtue of your outfit. Apart from that, this cut gives you free rein of choosing any shade of color!

The firm texture can also have some waves in the middle portion as long as the ends don’t get curled.

  1. Choppy Layers

The choppy layers on the short hairstyle give boldness and high volume. A shade of Red or any tone you want will give it a unique and bold look. The best part about this haircut- you need not carry a comb with you because the messier it is, the merrier it looks!

  1. S-Curve lob hairstyle

This hairstyle is the epitome of an impulsive decision which you will NEVER regret! The funky S-waves are created with a flat iron by inserting the iron at intervals along each vertical section and flipping the hair upward and downward over the iron as you move down the strand.

Selecting a shade from the funky side of your palette would add to the vibe that is needed. The S-waves are powered by their shine, so make sure to use a shine-enhancing spray before the color dries.

If you need some more options for styling options, we have a list of hairstyle trends for women and trendy hair colors for you to have a look at!

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