Ways Of Protecting Your Hair While Sleeping

Ways Of Protecting Your Hair While Sleeping


Many involuntary activities happen when you fall asleep. Your hair works overtime during your slumber. Lots of the processes take place in your scalp, making hair repair, growth, and reinforcement possible.

However, there are a lot of things that can cause hindrance in your hair’s healing process, leading to stunted hair growth and degradation in its quality. Each and every night your hair is exposed to physical damage from knotting. Unconsciously, you can get your hair tangled or even cause excess pulling.

But you do not have anything to worry about because we’ll be looking at tips you can follow to enhance your hair while all you have to do is sleep!

  1. Do not sleep in wet hair

Some individuals follow an evening hair care routine that involves a hair mask, serum, and so on. However, you should make sure that you dry your scalp and hair strands before calling it a night. Your hair is at its weakest when left wet. It gets frizzy and brittle, leading to hair loss!

You can avoid all of it by ensuring that you’ve dried out all excess water. Living in Mumbai, we all know how difficult it is to maintain your hair in a humid climate.

  1. Untie your hair before sleeping

Putting your hair in a messy bun or a braid seems harmless, doesn’t it? Well, the strain it has on your scalp for several hours will not only give you hair problems but also encourage headaches! “Believe it or not you can do damage to your hair when sleeping,” says Mary Rascon, creative director and owner of Cambio Salon and Spa.

Elastic bands are your hair’s sworn enemy during nighttime. Avoid sleeping with your restrains and comb them well before getting into bed. This will eliminate any knots that they already have.

  1. Use a satin scarf or satin scrunchie

Now you may be wondering if tying your hair is not good then what to do with your hair while sleeping? Leaving them open is a clear invitation to knots. So, the best thing you can do is tie a loose high pony using a satin scrunchie.

If you like to keep your hair sleek and straight, use the wrapping technique. Starting at the apex of the head, use a brush to begin directionally, arranging the hair around the head using a clean satin scarf to secure it.

  1. Switch to a silk pillow cover

Making an upgrade from a cotton pillowcase to a silk one is indeed an investment but we can promise that your hair will thank you. Your cotton pillow case can cause pulling on your hair; it has more porous, thus, leading to breakage of hair. Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture from hair and lead to dry strands or flaky scalp.

Whereas silk covers on the other hand are a gentler fabric. The smaller fibers of silk pillows prevent your ends from excessive damage and pulling, especially if you toss and turn overnight.

  1. Overnight hair oil treatments

As we’ve learned, your hair repairs itself while you sleep. So, why not aid the process with additional nutrients! You can do the simplest of all – apply hair oil before going to sleep on weekends.

Oiling is a home therapy that not only protects your hair from loss of moisture and damage but also nourishes and makes it stronger. Massage your scalp thoroughly to facilitate a better blood flow in your blood follicles. Good sleep in itself is also a boon to your hair, skin, and mind!


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Compare a wide range of options in your area and get a reward at your checkout window. You can also refer to our guide for thin, short, and long hair before booking your next haircut!


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