5 Tips to Keep your Hair Nourished in Monsoon




5 Tips to Keep your Hair Nourished in Monsoon

If you live in Mumbai, you know how unpredictable and humid the monsoon gets for us! Even though we Mumbaikars find a way to enjoy the cool weather, our hair certainly hates the season!

And rightly so, increased humidity brings dandruff, hair fall, and other problems too. In fact, your hair is in its weakest condition during this time and so, your hair needs maximum care.

So, without any further ado, we have brought 5 tips to keep your hair nourished in the monsoon. Let’s dive into the guide for perfect hair care tips during the rainy season i.e. :

  1. Keep your hair dry

The moisture will often wet your scalp, and rain will drench your hair if you step outside. So, it is important to keep your scalp dry for healthy hair. Moreover, the rainwater is dirty and acidic so, it’s best if you use a microfiber towel to absorb the excess rainwater from your hair.

Another tip would be to reduce friction between the towel and your wet hair. This will make sure that your roots do not weaken, avoiding the chances of hair fall!

  1. Pick the right comb

Do not comb your wet hair immediately as it is the weakest then. We suggest you to use a wide-tooth comb, so as to detangle your hair without any issues. Make sure the teeth of the comb have enough space in between so that the hair does not break while combing. Also, sharing of combs must be avoided to prevent fungal infections.

  1. The more junk food you spare, the healthier your hair

The first rain calls for something oily agreed! However, making it a habit takes a toll on your hair quality. Diet plays a significant role in keeping your hair healthy. What you eat decides the quality of your hair.

Thus, add protein-rich food like eggs, walnuts, dairy products, and whole grains along with green vegetables to your regular diet as they provide shine to your hair. For the vegetarians out there, add spinach because it is enriched with iron, folate, and B vitamins that help boost hair growth as well.

  1. Go for a short and manageable hairstyle

If you were considering cutting your hair short, there’s no better time than a monsoon! One of the simple tips to stop hair breakage during this season is to keep your hair short. This will reduce your hair fall problems by a lot since you won’t be exerting your roots by pulling down on longer hair. On top of that, we already have a short hair guide ready for you!

Now, if you wish to maintain the length of your hair, then ponytails and buns are there for your rescue. They will prevent frizz and rule out all the additional hair and scalp problems, like itching and bacterial accumulation on the scalp that may happen if rainwater keeps getting settled on your hair repeatedly.

  1. Set a hair-care routine and follow it religiously

The humidity and rainwater will drain out all the luster from your hair and it can also cause a fair amount of hair to fall! So, choosing the right shampoo and conditioner depending on your hair type will help a great deal to keep your mane manageable.

15 mins before your shower apply coconut oil to pre-condition your hair and strengthen your scalp. Then after shampoo, apply the right conditioner to your hair to give it additional volume and bounce. Conditioner also makes your hair shinier. To finish it all off, use good hair serum on damp hair that will protect your hair from frizz and roughness.


We hope that these tips will help you maintain your hair during this monsoon. If you’re looking to get a haircut or hair spa to relieve yourself, check out our website for the Best Unisex Salon in Mumbai. Get amazing offers on your checkout window after choosing your ideal salon from an array of options.

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