Hair Straightening, Smoothening, and Keratin Treatment

Hair Spa Tratment in Best Spas in Navi Mumbai

Sometimes treatment suggested as right for your hair might cause you more harm than good and the salons that you go to seeking for answers and solutions for your frizzy, damaged hair probably will not always have the right answers. For which you require regular keratin treatment and an immense amount of care.

There are many hair treatments, and they all have different purposes and benefits that they cater to, however, it’s vital to learn the differences of each of these treatments and which one suits you the best. We are sharing with you some of the most important differences between Smoothening, Keratin, and hair straightening treatment as per Salon experts.


Straightening, also known as Rebonding uses chemicals a heated iron rod to break down your curly bonds and straighten your hair. Although, this is a permanent straightening treatment the hair doesn’t look as natural as Smoothening. Rebonding will help you with your curly locks and give your hair that shine with some touch-ups every few months but this treatment can also have some side effects because of the ironing and is the opposite of providing nourishment to your hair. Our Salon experts suggest that you should only go for this treatment when you don’t want to deal with the maintenance and require a long-lasting solution.


Smoothening gives you natural-looking straight hair because the chemical used here reshapes the natural bond of your hair. Unlike straightening, smoothening isn’t a permanent solution but the effect of this treatment will last as long as Keratin treatment which is almost 5-6 months. The core purpose of this technique is to help you with your frizzy and wavy hair to make them look straighter and less damaged but smoothening won’t provide you with the nourishment that Keratin does.


Keratin treatment is a process that uses essential chemicals to straighten your hair giving you healthy-looking hair. The technique of keratin takes longer and the straightening won’t last as long as smoothening and actual hair straightening because the purpose of this treatment is to nourish your hair and make them stronger. All three treatments give you smooth and shiny hair but the solution used for Keratin treatment is filled with ingredients that help replenish the natural hair protein. In addition to this Keratin treatment is the only hair spa treatment that is advisable and is safe for all hair types.

Next time you visit a Salon for one of these treatments, make sure you understand these differences and have your stylist explain the details of every conditioner or chemical solution that is being used for them.

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