Best Hairstyle for Thin Hair

For people having thin or sparse hair, finding a hairstyle that doesn’t look plain or flat is an everyday struggle. When your hairs are not too dense or thick it becomes a challenge to create a hairstyle that suits you and gives you that fabulous look. If you are facing this same issue, we bring to you the best hairstyles that you can try!

As we were doing our research for these hairstyles, we found that, hairstyles with hair lengths ranging from short to shoulder length best suit thin or fine hairs. These hairstyles give an impression of volume and density and help you cover the sparse hair regions of the scalp. Also, as the hair length increases, they tend to flatten out more resulting in a less attractive look. So, let’s get started with our list of best hairstyles for thin hairs.

1. Bob Hairstyle:     

Bob Hairstyle

As per many hairstylists, bob-cut suits many people with thinning hairs. They make the hairs look thick from root to tip. This makes the top hairs look dense and give an appearance of being full. You can also experiment with layering and styling at the bottom layer to give a heavier appearance.

If you are looking for a haircut that will not require too much maintenance, then the bob cut is the perfect choice for you! It is also one of the most versatile haircuts because it can be worn in different styles like straight, wavy, or curly. So, if your hair gets frizzy easily, this haircut might be perfect for you.

2. Side part:

Side part hairstyle

This is one of the most popular hairstyles for thin hair. You can wear it in different ways depending on your mood or occasion. It is very easy to maintain and requires minimal product usage. If you have been experiencing thinning on the top of the scalp or due to parting your hair in the same direction, you can try a deep side part that not only hides thinning but also helps create volume and fullness around your face.

3. Pixie cut:

Pixie cut hairstyle

One of the simple and yet another low-maintenance hairstyles for thin hair is the pixie cut. The pixie cut is styled to sit close to the head. If worn correctly, it greatly helps in enhancing the eyes and covers the look of thinning hair with long layers. The pixie can be worn to create a lot of texture and help you to place the hair in zones where you may be experiencing hair loss. The texture and movement greatly add to the impression of fullness.

4. Teased Ponytail:

Teased Ponytail hairstyle

If you are into ponytails, a teased one is a great way to style fine hair and helps them appear thicker. To style your hair in this style hold up the top layer of your dry hair which falls to the length of your eyebrows and use a fine-tooth comb to tease it. Teasing your hair is the exact opposite of how you normally brush it.

Hold the comb beneath your hair and brush it toward the roots of the hair, to make volumizing knots. Once the top of your head is teased pull your hair back into a high ponytail and tightly secure it with an elastic band. Tug thick sections of hair a bit out of the band. And voila! You will have a full ponytail that creates the illusion of thick hair. You may use some hair spray to secure your hair into place.

5. Short layers or bangs:

Short layers or bangs hairstyle

If you want to create an impression of length and volume you may want to try this collar-length hair cut with a short layer. This is great for thinning hairs and gives an elegant shape. It helps uplift the facial features to a great extent.

Apart from these, you can also experiment with a set of bangs! If you’re losing a lot of hair on your sides or your temples, a nice set of bangs can greatly help to hide hair thinning and look great. A soft, wispy bang can also hide thinning posts on the scalp. Just pull your hair back and slightly tousle your bangs with fingers and you are ready to go.

6. Messy hair cut:

Messy hair cut hairstyle

This is also a great option to try. Most important, due to the short hair length, it’ll never weigh your hair down and avoid flattening. Also, the wavy, beachy texture gives an appearance of thickness. As we already said, if you have thin hairs, having longer strands can show your thinning, rather than camouflaging it. People with thin hair (not sparse) have more hair present towards the root/mid-lengths area and as the length increases, they start appearing thinner. A messy hairstyle enhances the shape of the face and gives a fuller look from roots to ends. This style is easy to create at home and can be enhanced with some texturing spray to add volume and texture and some hair spray to set them.

7. Wispy Layered Hairstyle:

Wispy layered hairstyle

If you want to keep your hair long you can have wispy layers for the front hairs. Cut the front layers that start from the bottom of your chin and cascade down. This will add texture and can be styled for greater volume. The back of your hair should be cut in a straight line, as layering back hair tends to get messed up and look thin. For long fine hair, be sure to always use a good thickening spray to give life and make it look and feel full of volume.

Hope you like our suggestions and do let us know which hairstyle you like or which one you are going to try next. Also, the next time you want to sport one of these haircuts you may want to use an online salon booking app. These are so easy to use and help to book an appointment a piece of cake. You can find many salons in Mumbai and other cities using these apps and may get a good discount. So do check them out.

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