6 Tips To Maintain Healthy, Strong And Shiny Nails

6 Tips To Maintain Healthy, Strong And Shiny Nails


Nails are probably one of the most effortlessly beautiful accessories for a lady. Just paint them in a color you love, feel pretty and look gorgeous! However, do your nails look pretty once the nail paint is rinsed off?

Whether you’re the type of person who religiously paints their nails as a form of self-care or someone who’s constantly picking and biting at their cuticles, we all yearn for healthy, perfectly manicured nails. Well-groomed nails make you look instantly polished and can even make hands appear more youthful.

So, this blog post is to highlight the few simple things you can do for amazing-looking nails;

  1. Take care of your cuticles

Your fingernails, composed of laminated layers of a protein called keratin, grow from the area at the base of the nail under your cuticle. The cuticle has a very important purpose to serve; it seals the area at the base of the nail.

So, think twice about cutting or removing the cuticle, because it can break that seal of protection, leaving you vulnerable to bacteria and the possibility of infection. Massage your cuticle with cuticle oil and practice good hand hygiene.

  1. Good hand hygiene is very important

After you wash your hands, make sure your nails are thoroughly grime-free. However, be gentle while exfoliating any dead skin. Long nails do look mesmerizing but you should clip your nails periodically. If you wish to keep them long, file them in a good shape. Keeping your nail clipper and filer as clean as your hands is also very important!

  1. Use moisturizer

If you like to paint your nails, you’re no stranger to acetone. It removes the nail paint but it dries out all the moisture from your cuticle and the surrounding skin. Keeping your cuticles dry is necessary but depriving them of moisture is different, it stunts nail growth and hampers the quality.

So, whenever you’re applying a lotion, see to it you apply some on your nails as well, especially after you’ve used acetone. Or, use an acetone-free remover.

  1. Give your nails a break

The aesthetic nail art looks pretty indeed but all the pigments are used to dry out your nails. They start having a yellow tint (which is not a bad sign). However, they do ultimately start getting weak.

So, to prevent this, give your nails a break for a week at least every once in a while. You can file them to give it a nice shape that looks pretty even without any color.

  1. Protect your nails with a base & top coat

When you’re painting your nails at home, don’t skip the base coat. Even though your nail paints are on the higher end, they’re all chemicals after all! So, prevention is better than cure.

Don’t think you can skip a top coat, either. This step is just as important, as the top coat seals in the polish’s color and adds a much-needed gloss finish to your digits.

  1. Go for a manicure

Your hands deserve to stay youthful and pretty. So, treat yourself with a nice manicure as it prevents infection, promotes healthy blood circulation, boosts nail health and the massage helps you in relieving stress!

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