Why makeup removal is essential – Tips for cleansing before you sleep

Why makeup removal is essential – Tips for cleansing before you sleep

You’ve probably forgotten to remove your makeup before sleeping at least once by now. It must’ve been a late-night party or just a busy day at work, making you crawl in your bed without cleansing your skin. Here we will be covering why makeup removal is essential – Tips for cleansing before you sleep.

However, the immediate regret kicks in the next morning as your skin feels the repercussion of the beauty products. While doing this once may not bear much consequence, making it a habit will. Removing foundation, mascara, lipstick, and other products before bed is essential if you want to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

So, in this blog we’ll be looking at the damage it does to your skin. We will also list down a few easy ways of makeup removal.

  1. Terrible breakouts

Most makeup is oil-based, which can clog the pores and lead to pimples. But sleeping with makeup on will increase your chance of a breakout. Honestly, it will not matter even if your makeup quality is on the higher end because it will clog the pores equally.

While you sleep your makeup can mix with additional built-up debris and oil from your skin’s surface – the perfect recipe for clogged pores, acne, and blackheads.

  1. Waking up to a dull face

Sleep is the time when your body, including your skin, gets renewed. You’ve probably noticed that after a good night’s sleep, your skin looks refreshed! However, if you keep your makeup on overnight, then you are letting all those makeup products and cosmetics seep into the fine lines and creases of your skin.

This takes away the natural luster of your skin, making it look dull and aged after you wash your face in the morning.

  1. Irritation in the eye and skin

Sleeping with any kind of eye makeup can cause eye irritation, itchiness, and infection as makeup particles can rub off your pillow and get into your eyes. In severe instances, regularly leaving mascara on overnight can cause eyelid cysts.

If not washed, makeup can make your skin dry, giving it a rough and flaky texture. The skin tightening will lead to various problems during the chilly seasons.

  1. You simply negate the effects of your skincare routine

You prepare a night-time skincare routine and follow it religiously. One weekend you call it the night a night without rinsing off your makeup and just like that, all your skin care progress is set back!

Even if you skip your routine for a night, it’s okay! But if you forget to remove or your makeup or apply your night care routine on the makeup, your efforts will go in vain!


We hope that we have convinced you of the importance of makeup removal. The primary reason why you must’ve missed it is that you were tired. So, the following ways are as easy as it gets:

  • Micellar Water is one of the best cleansers out there. Just add some of it on a cotton pad and wipe your face until you stop seeing makeup coming off it. Give your face a nice dab of toner to restore your skin’s pH balance.
  • Cleansing Oil is another excellent option when you need to remove a thick layer of makeup. It’s one of the gentlest products. It leaves your skin smooth and supple. Make sure to apply some moisturizer after using it.
  • Makeup Wipes can be used when you’re traveling or if you really don’t feel like doing the above options. However, we recommend you use it once in a blue moon. When wiping your makeup, you’re smearing it all over, and the rubbing action can leave the skin irritated and even inflamed.


We hope that you follow the above tips and avoid any kind of negative effects of makeup. If you get your makeup done by a professional, they’ll instruct you which cleansing method would best suit you.

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