How To Get A Perfect Foot Massage

How to Get A Perfect Foot Massage

There are many benefits of getting a foot massage. A good foot massage is the best way to pamper our sore feet after a long hectic day. Getting a Perfect massage is not an easy job! This will require some additional efforts to achieve however it’s no rocket science. You need to follow a few steps and remember the touchpoints and you are good to go!!!!

Scroll down and read the full blog to get the perfect one done..! There are different techniques for getting the massage done, professional experts will give you perfect relation if you are looking for a specific cure however if you are cost-savvy then follow these steps:

  • Warm-up Massage: Prepare your foot by warming them in the warm water soaked with essential oils or Epsom salt. This works great for cramped, cold, and sore feet. You can even use a slice of lime, lemon, or orange and place the slices in the water. Once the foot dried, begin the massage with a few foot rotations, increasing circulation. Apply a small amount of warm lotion or oil to your hand. Smooth the lotion or oil over the foot. Use the energized circular movements starting from up and then moving out. Start working from heel to toe. Flex and point your foot, applying slight pressure with your hands for a good stretch. This step will get your feet feeling limber and ready for deeper pressure and manipulation.
  • Heel(ing) time: Sore and cramp heels create discomfort, treat them by grasping your ankle with your non-dominant hand for support, begin this by grasping each heel and rotating gently. Be really gentle at this point as you don’t want to increase the pain..! During this, you may hear a few clicks and cracks of trapped air. Then, using both thumbs, massage the heel with firm pressure using circular movements. Your focus should be on where the heel meets the sole of your feet or any points that feel tight or tender.
  • Check Arch and Sole: Remember Arch and sole need additional care. If you have swollen sole you may consult the doctor first and then go for a massage. Keep using firm pressure, now knead your sole and arch in straight and circular movements, working from the heel to the ball of your foot. During the massage you come might notice some/any tender points, just apply firm pressure at these points for 10-12 seconds. This will help you to release the tension. Now reach to the ball of the foot, keep using firm massage at these points, using the same circular movements.
  • Time for Toes and Ankle: You have to take care of each toe by applying light pressure during the massage and do a few rotations, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. Do this for 15 secs on each toe, then give them all a “hug” by lightly squeezing them together and flexing them out.
  • Last Touch up: Lastly, apply a lotion or oil that indulges the senses from calf to toe. Also keep doing the massage with lighter pressure, going over the full foot again.

Get yourself the habit of getting a foot massage once a week. This will help you to release stress and pressure. You can opt for this massage during the nighttime after dinner.

As relaxing and advantageous as foot massage is, nothing beats letting a professional do the work for you! Opt for an extended foot massage for your next mobile pedicure service, and enjoy all the perks that come with it. Simply download the Wellnessta app and book an appointment for a foot massage directly with the specific Salon or Spa. It sets you free from all the day-to-day hassles of booking the appointments manually and then following up with them, to confirm their appointments. It is cost-saving too!

They have almost all the best salons and Spa under them. They offer service in any location including Mumbai and Thane. They give discounts and offers too. It’s an easy and hassle-free process. Whether you have specific conditions that can be improved with foot massage, or want to add a message in your toolbox of preventative care, not only your feet will thank you for giving them some love!

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