Benefits of waxing

Arm Waxing

Waxing is more beneficial than Shaving. Here’s why- 

 Firstly, let’s file a petition against the people who out of nowhere suggested, ‘hey! Hair on a girl’s body shouldn’t be acceptable!’ But until the people behind this are caught, girls have to follow their hair removal routine. 

The myth behind waxing is that it is a painful process. Not going to lie, it is- but only for the first few times! That too depends upon the spa and was you choose. Quite often, girls give up on waxing due to the fear of pain and switch to a said to be an easier method of shaving the hair off. 

Even though it is easier, the effects it has on your body are definitely not worth it. So, ladies, here are a few benefits of waxing over shaving: 

      1. Lasts longer and avoids the growth of thick hair 

When you shave, the hair does not get de-rooted and as a result- it grows from the middle part which is blunt. Thus, in some cases, the hair seems to grow thicker as the blunt grows up. On top of that, the growth from the middle takes place quickly and the waxing effect is lost in a couple of days! 

Whereas when you go for waxing- the hair is pulled out of the roots and hence the hair growth takes time and the hair grown is not as thick!  

      2. Avoids in-grown hair and infection 

Waxing removes your hair from its roots and thus there is no scope for any hair strand to be left behind. This avoids and in-grown hair which may lead to further infection. 

Shaving, on the other hand, tends to leave behind in-grown hair causing infection. And if the razor is not sanitized properly before and after every use- the chances of septic become skyrocketing! 

      3. Provides a smoother skin 

Shaving quite often leads to stubble formation and certain patches are left behind if you are not careful enough. Thus, it causes irritation and does not look smooth. 

Waxing gives you smooth skin and many waxing parlors offer you an option of having chocolate wax, fruit wax, sugar wax, etc., for a variety of feels and fragrances. 

      4. Skin exfoliation 

Shaving creams are proven to make your skin darker if you use them over and over on your body. Other than that, it also leads to dry skin. 

Need not worry because waxing brings you a free exfoliation session along! The pull removes all the dirt from your pores, leading to healthy, smooth, and glowing skin! 

      5. Saves Time! 

Last but not least- waxing is your ultimate time saver! Getting the foam and then meticulously running a razor over it to avoid burns and cuts is tedious and to be honest- risky! 

Waxing can be done within 10 to 20 mins depending upon which part you are getting waxed and which wax would you prefer. 


So, the fact now is well established- “Waxing > Shaving” 

 Now the question arises- where should I get my waxing done from? 

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  1. Luke Smith

    I like that you pointed out how the hair is pulled out of the roots with waxing so the hair growth takes time and the hair grown is not that thick. We are planning to go to the beach next month, however, it seems my sister is quite insecure about showing her legs due to the hair on it. I think the solution should be pretty simple so I’ll try suggesting waxing to her.

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