5 Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles

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Weddings are one of the best days of our lives. Everyone puts a lot of thought and money into their makeup and dress but leaves the hairstyling for the last moment. Who doesn’t want to look like a princess at their wedding, but a princess is incomplete without these 5 Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles and to make her look that way.

Brides, listen up! Your bridal hairstyle needs more attention than you think. You can have the most expensive makeup and outfit, but with the perfect hairstyle, you can elevate your look from 10 to 100 smoothly. Bridal hairstyling is an elaborate process that requires a lot of chemicals and heating on your hair. Here are some tips you can follow for a couple of months before your marriage to prepare your hair for extensive styling and protecting your hair from getting damaged. 

Massage your hair with hot oil 30 minutes before hair wash (you can also do this a night before your hair wash if you don’t have an oily forehead) 

Get hair spa done at least once a month to provide missing protein and nutrition to your hair, leaving it healthy and shiny. 

Deep condition your hair at least once a week and use a conditioner after every shampoo. 

Use homemade masks weekly, keep a healthy diet, add protein in your diet and talk to your dermatologist for supplements.

Limit heating your hair, this includes straightening, curling, crimping, or even using a dryer (except when blow-drying). And if you wish to style your hair, use a heat protectant generously.

Now, your hair is ready for all the styling and heating. So, let us move on to choosing the best style for your hair. To help you achieve your fairytale look at your wedding, we have curated a list of hairstyles you can try on your wedding day that looks good with both Indian and Indo-western outfits.

Mogra Bun: 

This is the go-to hairstyle for anyone who wants to carry a very traditional look to their wedding. This will make your hair look thick, and give you an exceptionally neat look. You can use mogra flowers or a gajra for a simple yet elegant vogue. This especially goes very well with the South Indian saree. The best part about this hairdo is, you get to choose how to wear it: you can wrap the flowers around the whole bun or use it as a lining and if you don’t want a basic gajra, you can always wear a mesh that makes your hairstyle stand out. You can also accessorize your floral hairstyle with a brooch or jhumkas with an ear chain. Celebrities like Deepika Padukone have carried this look in their weddings gracefully.

Half Tied Braided Hair:

If you want to keep your hair open, but you don’t have voluminous hair, this coiffure is all you need. Just braid a part of your hair, and keep half the hair down. If this seems too basic for you, you might just add some hair accessories like artificial flower threads, or rose. This hairstyle looks better if you curl your hair because straight hair will look very flat. Personally, the best part about this hairstyle is, no matter how short or long your hair is, you can do this easily. It’s a go-to hair dress among all bridal hairstyles, where you want to look elegant, yet keep it simple.

Twisted Braided Bun:

Twisted braided low buns are just the right hairdo for your big day. If you are someone who would wear a maang patti, this is not a hairstyle for you. But if you are a maang tika fan, you can assuredly wear this. This hairstyle is an immensely elaborate bun, that involves braiding the front hair strands that eventually lead to a braided bun that’s tied low. Everyone has to agree when I say, we all wanted to try Deepika Padukone’s twisted braided low bun look from Ram Leela, and what better day than one’s wedding? 

Floral Dupatta:

This is one of the most graceful and sophisticated hairstyles. This will make you like a princess. You can either carry the floral dupatta with a half-tied pint or a bun, it will look good either way. This is a perfect look for haldi if you are going for a floral theme or a photoshoot. This is not a common hairstyle, and if you want an interesting as well as out of the common look, get a floral dupatta made with mogra and rose. 

Rose Bun: 

This hairstyle got popular after pictures from Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s wedding surfed over the internet. Anushka Sharma gave surreal bride goals by wearing a bun covered with pink roses in her feras. You can wear this hairstyle with any traditional cloth as it is so beautiful in itself, that it complements all outfits. You can match the color of the rose with your outfit to add the cherry on the top of the ice cream. 

At the minute, you know the importance of an elegant hairdo on your wedding day, and we are quite sure you have decided which one of these bridal hairstyles will look the best on you. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment at your nearest Hair Salon right away and discuss your expectations with your favorite hairstylist.

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